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Angular 5 DatePicker

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

Angular 5 DatePicker

Angular DatePicker is an angularjs directive that generates a datepicker calendar on your input element.

To use the directive, include the Angular Datepicker's javascript and css files in your web page.

  <link href="src/css/angular-datepicker.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<body ng-app="app">
  <script src="src/js/angular-datepicker.js"></script>


You Can install using npm or bower

Using npm

					npm install angularjs-datepicker --save


Using bower

					bower install angularjs-datepicker --save


Then load the js files in your html.

Add the datepicker module dependency.

					angular.module('app', [


Call the directive wherever you want in your html page

  <input ng-model="date" type="text"/>

  • ng-model will show a Javascript Date() Object inside your input.

You can set the titles for the month and year selectors with the date-year-title="" and date-month-title=""

					<datepicker date-month-title="selected year">
    <input ng-model="date"/>

<datepicker date-year-title="selected title">
    <input ng-model="date"/>


You can also set the titles for the left and right arrows with button-next-title="" for the right and button-prev-title="" for the left. By default they are labeled next and prev.

					<datepicker button-prev-title="previous month">
    <input ng-model="date"/>

<datepicker button-next-title="next month">
    <input ng-model="date" type="text"/>

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