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Associative array/hashing in JavaScript

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

javascript hash table

  • Hash Tables are a data structure that allow you to create a list of paired values.
  • Common Example of a Hash Table in JavaScript is the Object data type.
  • You can pair the object's property value with a property key.
					let obj = {
  fname: "Alan",
  lname: "Doug"


javascript hash

  • JS hasOwnProperty() method which allows you to check if a property is not inherited.
					const obj = {};
obj.fname = "Alan";



hash tables javascript

Associative Array: It use Strings instead of Integer numbers as index.

Create an object with

					var dictionary = {};

  • JavaScript allows you to add properties to objects.
					Object.yourProperty = value;


An alternate syntax for the same is:

					Object["yourProperty"] = value;


javascript hashtable

					var dictt = { name:"Alan", age:24, job:"Writing"  };

// Iterate over using keys
for (var key in dictionary) {
  console.log("Key: " + key + " , " + "Value: "+ dictionary[key]);