Chmod 777 to a folder and all contents

Last Updated On Monday 30th May 2022

chmod 777

if you go for a console command, it will be chmod -R 777 /www/store. The options -R(or --recursive) make it recursive.

if you need more information on chmod ordering see. File Permission

if by full permissions you mean 777

navigate to the folder and

	chmod -R 777

you can give permission to the folder and all of its contents using the -R I.e recursive permissions option .

Ideally give 755 permission for security reasons to the web folder.

	sudo chmod -R 755 /www/store

chmod linux 777

	N   Description                      ls   binary    
0   No permissions at all            ---  000
1   Only execute                     --x  001
2   Only write                       -w-  010
3   Write and execute                -wx  011
4   Only read                        r--  100
5   Read and execute                 r-x  101
6   Read and write                   rw-  110
7   Read, write, and execute         rwx  111