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Convert Array to Hash in Ruby Code Example

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

Ruby's Collect method

  • Ruby's collect method is part of the Enumerable mixin.
  • A mixin which provides very useful and powerful methods for collection objects.
  • It allows you to transform each element of your collection object into something else.
					hash = Hash[array.collect { |item| [item, ""] } ]


Let's see the small example with the collect method.

					[1, 2, 3].collect{ |num| num * 4 }


array to hash ruby

Example 1

					names = %w(adam alice benny matt)
hash = Hash[names.collect { |item| [item, item.capitalize()] } ]



					# {"adam"=>"Adam", "alice"=>"Alice", "benny"=>"Benny", "matt"=>"Matt"}


Example 2 ruby

					arr = [1, 2, 3]
Hash[{|n| [n, n*5]}]



					# {1=>5, 2=>10, 3=>15}


Array vs Hashes

  • Arrays are the way to Store values sequentially.
					arr = ["California", "London", "Washington", "Paris"]

  • Reference values by key
  • Hashes are the way to store values by name (key).
					domains = {
  "de" => "Germany",
  "es" => "Spanish",
  "us" => "United States",
  "no" => "Norway"

  • Reference values by key
  • Anything can be the key to a hash like Strings, symbols, Integers, Floats, even other arrays or hashes.
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