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Downgrade Node version

Last Updated on Sunday 27th Nov 2022
Downgrade Node Version

Downgrade Node Version

Quickly downgrade or upgrade

n - Interactively Manage Your Node.js Versions

If you already have Node.js installed, an easy way to install n is using npm:

					npm install -g n

  • The n command downloads and installs to /usr/local by default, but you may override this location by defining N_PREFIX.
  • n caches Node.js versions in subdirectory n/versions.
  • The active Node.js version is installed in subdirectories bin, include, lib, and share.

Then you can install any number of Node.js versions to switch between.Example

					n 10.16.0


for the latest version available

					n lts


By Entering the n directly



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Downgrade Node

  • You Can use the up/down arrow keys to choose a Node.js version and hit Enter again ,you just changed the Node.js version on your system.
  • UnInstalling node and Installing chocolatey to handle your node installation. choco is a great CLI for provisioning a ton of popular software.
					choco install nodejs --version $VersionNumber


and if you already have it installed via chocolatey you can do,

					choco uninstall nodejs 
choco install nodejs --version $VersionNumber


For example,

					choco uninstall nodejs
choco install nodejs --version 12.9.1


How to downgrade Node Version

For windows:


  • Go to Control panel> program and features>Node.js then uninstall.
  • Go to website: and download the version and install.
  • Uninstalling the node from the "Add or remove programs"
  • Installing the required version.

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Downgrade Node Version mac

You can use n for node's version management.

n - Interactively Manage Your Node.js Versions

n is supported on macOS, Linux, including with Windows Subsystem for Linux, and various other unix-like systems.

  • It is written as a BASH script but does not require you to use BASH as your command shell.


					npm install -g n


Method with brew

					brew search node


In Mac there is a fast method with brew

					brew search node


You see some version, for example: node@10 node@12 ... Then

					brew unlink node


And now select a before version for example node@12

					brew link --overwrite --force node@12


Ready, you have downgraded you node version.

Steps to downgrade to node8

					brew install node@8
brew link node@8 --force


If warning remove the folder and files as indicated in the warning then again the command

					brew link node@8 --force

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