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Find Maximum and Minimum Values in an Array.

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

Find Min and Max in array

  • We will make a function return two values, the maximum and minimum values, and store them in another array.
  • Thereafter, the array containing the maximum and minimum values will be returned from the function

Min Find Max Find


#define max 100
int * maxmin(int ar[], int v);
void main() {
  int arr[max];
  int n, i, * p;
  printf("How many values? ");
  scanf("%d", & n);
  printf("Enter %d values\n", n);
  for (i = 0; i < n; i++)
    scanf("%d", & arr[i]);
  p = maxmin(arr, n);
  printf("Minimum value is %d\n", * p++);
  printf("Maximum value is %d\n", * p);
int * maxmin(int ar[], int v) {
  int i;
  static int mm[2];
  mm[0] = ar[0];
  mm[1] = ar[0];
  for (i = 1; i < v; i++) {
    if (mm[0] > ar[i])
      mm[0] = ar[i];
    if (mm[1] < ar[i])
      mm[1] = ar[i];
  return mm;

					How many values? 4
Enter 4 values
11 22 52 01
Minimum value is 1
Maximum value is 52

  • We will use Two Arrays.
  • The first array will contain the values from which the maximum and minimum values have to be found.
  • The second array will be used to store the minimum and maximum values of the first array.