Install and run a Matplotlib in Python

Last Updated On Saturday 2nd Oct 2021

ModuleNotFoundError : No module named ‘matplotlib’

  • The reason why we’re getting this error is that we do not have the matplotlib library installed.
  • Then, you must install the Matplotlib library.

Install the matplot lib library.

  • To install the library go ahead and visit the website

  • Make sure you have at least Python version 3.4 and above installed.

  • To check what Python version you have installed.

	python3 --version.
  • Copy the below Command and install them
	python -m pip install -U matplotlib
  • If this Command doesn’t work, change to
	python3 -m pip install -U matplotlib
  • That’s it, that’s how you install the matplotlib library for python. Now you are good to go.
	import matplotlib.pyplot as plt


# Do anything with it