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What is JavaScript used for ?

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

What is JavaScript ?

JavaScript is an interpreted language & part of a web browser. It can assist developers in executing dynamic features.

What is JavaScript used for?

  • JavaScript let create and combine user interfaces on the web pages
  • JavaScript is a highly demanded and admired programming language
  • HTML is a markup language that allows developers to format the content and create a dynamic web page.
  • You can turn the text into bold, create the boxes and
  • Tables, buttons, and bullets to the page.
  • It performs the page dynamic and interactive.
  • It will enable your users to click on certain elements and open new pages from the existing page.

Use cases of JavaScript

  • Choosing out data on a web page
  • Slider with Animations
  • Show or Hide Information
  • JavaScript runs on many computers and operating systems
  • It enables you to build compact applications without any hassle

JavaScript Front-End Programming

Front-End FrameWorks

JavaScript Back-End Programming

Back-end development represents everything that goes on behind the scenes when you do something on a web app or website. Mostly, it refers to the application's server-side and the communication that goes on between the front-end (the browser) and the database.

  • Node.js was developed in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, built on the Chrme JavaScript Engine.
  • It is designed to make it easy to build scalable, secure network applications using a lightweight, efficient I/O model that is non-blocking and event-driven.
  • It is open-source. It works cross-platform, using JavaScript to write applications that can run inside the Node.js runtime in Linux, Windows, and OS X.

NodeJS Features

  • Event-Driven and Asynchronous
  • Fast
  • Single-Thread, Scalable
  • No Buffering

Express JS, a framework built as a flexible but minimal web app framework for Node.js

  • It is a web application server framework built on Node.js to help us create various types of web applications
  • ExpressJS is an open-source, free software stack that encourages us in building dynamic web applications and websites
  • It is used to help us build server-based applications instantly.