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List of JavaScript regex modifiers

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

regex javascript

i modifier

  • non-case sensitive matching. Upper and lower cases don't matter.

    g modifier

  • global match. We attempt to find all matches instead of just returning the first match.

  • The internal state of the regular expression stores where is located the last match, and matching is resumed where it was left in the previous match.

m modifier

  • multiline match. It treats the ^ and $ characters to match the beginning and the end of each line of the tested string.
  • A newline character is determined by n or r.

u modifier

  • Unicode search. The regex pattern is treated as a Unicode sequence

y modifier

  • In Simple Sticky search
					> const str = 'Intresting Movie';

> /re/.test(str);
> /re/i.test(str);