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Minecraft Aqua-affinity Enchantment

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

aqua affinity

I have run 1 million enchantments for each level from 1 to 30 and counted the number of times I got each particular magic.

  • Aqua Affinity will only slot into helmets.
  • Any helmet will work (Leather, Chainmail, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Netherite, and Turtle Shells).
  • Since it is an armour-specific enchantment, it is easy to forget, but its benefits are great, and there is no penalty for enchanting your armour.

minecraft aqua affinity

  • Running the same test for a golden helmet (which has better enchant ability) gives almost the same.
  • Aqua affinity peaks on level 28. However, Respiration III is rising significantly on levels 29 and 30, so still, a better strategy is to enchant on level 30.

aqua affinity enchantment

What enchantment lets you see underwater ?

  • Unfortunately, no enchantment allows you to see underwater.
  • The potion effect of night vision or conduit buffs will enable you to have a perfect idea underwater.
  • But no armour enchantment will grant this bonus to you.

What is the best enchantment in Minecraft?

  • Mending is by far the best enchantment in Minecraft.
  • Whereas it does not affect the utility of the tool or armour, it essentially makes the durability infinite, and you can rely on keeping that item as long as you keep an eye on its durability bar.
  • Due to its near-infinite capabilities, it is also tough to find as you cannot mend from an enchantment table.