npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno 1

Last Updated On Friday 27th May 2022

npm err! code elifecycle

The ELIFECYCLE error corresponds neither to a syntax error in the code nor to a permission problem because other sentences are then used to notify the error.

It is very common type of error that occurs during npm operation on our command prompt or our terminal

Step 1: Cleaning the Cache

  • npm stores the cache data that name is the _cacache.
  • It stores all the HTTP request data as well as other package related data.
	npm cache clean --force

The npm cache clean command clears the npm cache. Add the --force argument to force the operation.

Step 2: Delete node_modules & package-lock.json file

	rm -rf node_modules && rm ./package-lock.json
  • The arguments r and f indicate respectively to delete the subfolders and to force the deletion without asking for confirmation.

Step 3: Installing again the node modules

	npm install

The npm install will trigger a full download and installation of modules you need in your application.

Step 4: For start again

	npm start

npm run dev

The Above will remove the errors. Kindly make sure that node_modules folder installing again at the same location

How To Solve npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE Error ?

npm err! code elifecycle
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code elifecycle
npm err! code elifecycle npm err! errno 1
npm err code elifecycle
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