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Substr() Function in PHP

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

PHP substr

  • This function is used to return a part of string.
  • Its Very Simple Syntax substr()

PHP String Contains substring



It has few Parameters

  • First one is String - Specify the Input String.
  • Second one is a start - It is the required Parameter.
  • Third one is length - Optional Parameter. Specify the end of the string
echo substr("Hello Folks", 5); // Folks



Starts With 0 - Remove all five characters from the start and return the remaining. ( includes whitespace )

echo substr("Hello Folks", 5,4); // Fol



In Above Example returns only three characters, but the length is 4 because it includes the whitespace.

echo substr("Hello Folks", 5,-1); // Folk


  • In Above Code, The Negative Number is going to return the last index
  • I Specify -1 it's going to return from the end of the string
echo substr("Hello Folks", 5,0); // 


  • In Above Example, that is going not to return anything
  • We Choose the length as 0

Use Case

We can use this anywhere in the PHP, Where you Want to subtract some text from the element