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pip install opencv2 with specific version

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

OpenCV Python

Via pip you can specify the package version to install using the following

					pip install opencv-python==2.4.9


If Get following error,May be try the Anaconda

					No matching distribution found for opencv==2.4.9


To Checking available versions

					pip install opencv-python==


Another easy way, you can type in terminal.

					sudo apt-get install python-opencv


opencv2 python

After installing it, you can use opencv version 2.4 in both c++ and python.

But I recommend you should use opencv 3.2.0 and opencv-contrib, it gives more features

You can also do it using Anaconda

					conda install -c opencv=2.4.9


Install OpenCv2

If you're a Windows user, opencv can be installed using pip, like this:

					pip install opencv-python==<python version>

ex - pip install opencv-python==3.6


If you're a Linux user:

					sudo apt-get install python-opencv