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How to Check if a Python String Contains Another String ?

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

python string contains

in operator

  • We Can use the keyword in.
  • It's a build-in python functionality
  • Using in is Efficient, Clean Readable way
					string = "I Love Tom & Jerry"

print("Tom" in string)
# True


python string contains substring

In the Above Example, Tom is the substring in our original string string, So the result is true.If you search for a substring that does not exist in original string, it returns `false `.

string contains python

					string = "I Love Tom & Jerry"

print("Puma" in string)
# False


.find() Method

  • We can use the function find.
  • Basically, it's a String method.
					string = "I Love Tom & Jerry"

# 13

  • It Doesn't return boolean & it returns the index
  • If we search for a string that doesn't exist, it returns -1.
  • It always returns the index of that substring or -1 if that doesn't exist
  • We can specify the start index & stop index
					string = "I Love Tom & Jerry"

# -1


re - python regex

  • Uses the regular expression package re.
  • This is Advanced Method for Advanced functionality

python findall

					import re

string = "I Love Tom & Jerry.Tom loves Scooby"


# ['Tom', 'Tom']

  • We found all occurrences string Tom in our original string
  • This is the most PowerFul Function
  • We can also use the search method from package re, It also gives an index of the string

python search

					import re

string = "I Love Tom & Jerry.Tom loves Scooby"


# <re.Match object; span=(7, 10), match='Tom'>

  • Yes, It gives a start index & a stop index. But it doesn't find all the strings.
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