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ROUNDDOWN() function in SQL

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

sql round down

The SQL FLOOR() function rounded up any positive or negative decimal value down to the next least integer value.



  • expression - An expression which is a numeric value or numeric data type. The bit data type is not allowed.
					SELECT FLOOR(25) AS FloorValue;


round down sql

You can use TRUNCATE() for this rounddown.

					select TRUNCATE(2.847, 2) as rounddown



					SELECT Floor(135.675); //for integer rounding, like 135


sql server round down

					select floor(12.77) as rounddown

// 12

					SELECT FLOOR((12.77*100)/100)  AS RoundedValue

// 12



					select TRUNCATE(2.847, 2) as roundValue

// 2.84