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Solve ModuleNotFoundError no module named in Python

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

modulenotfounderror no module named 'te'

  • First, confirm whether the system environment is installed correctly and whether the whole packages such as te and topi are installed correctly.

  • If there are multiple Python versions in the user environment, such as Conda virtual environment

  • You need to execute the name_of_your_executable_app to confirm whether the application link is consistent with the current Python directory.

  • If not, you need to adjust the order of the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

modulenotfounderror: no module named 'numpy'

Python should inform you which libraries you must install when you attempt to import this Python code by throwing an error like: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'numpy'

  • To get around this error, you need to install numpy.
					python3 -m pip install numpy