SQL Table Operations Code Example

Last Updated On Sunday 29th Aug 2021

Create Table

	CREATE TABLE <table name>(
    <column1> <Datatype>,
    <column2> <Datatype>,
    <column3> <Datatype>,
    <column4> <Datatype>,

Delete Table

	DROP TABLE table1;

Add Data

	INSERT INTO table1 VALUES (value1,value2,value3,....);

Updating Records

	UPDATE table1 SET column1 = value1 WHERE column2=value2;

Multiple records
UPDATE table1 SET column1 = value1,column2 = value2 WHERE column3=value3;

Deleting Records

	DELETE FROM table1 WHERE <column1=value1;

Find Data

	SELECT column1,column2,.. FROM table1 WHERE column1=value1;
  • * is a wildcard can be used in place of fields for all fields

can add order

	ORDER BY column1,column2 ASC|DESC ;

Multiple Tables

	Select * from table1,table2 where column1=value2 AND column1=table2.column2;