Unable to resolve module react native

Last Updated On Sunday 10th Apr 2022

unable to resolve module react native

  • Ensure you are using .js Javascript Extension
	react-native start --reset-cache


	react-native run-android

in separate command line

Updating the react-native

  • delete node_modules folder
	npm install
  • live the node_modulesreact-nativescriptslaunchPackager.bat as it with node “%~dp0..cli.js” start
  • change @react-native-communityclibuildcommandsrunAndroidrunAndroid.js :
	const procConfig = { cwd: process.cwd() }
npm cache clean --force

npm start --clear-cache

react-native start --reset-cache

  • delete C:UsersNAMEAppDataLocalTempmetro-cache