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WGet command to download a file

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

wget Output File

  • Wget command helps to download number of packages from web.
  • Wget supports https, http and ftp protocols.
  • You can download packages very easily even if your net connection is very slow.
  • Wget is best suitable for very slow and unstable network connections.
  • Support SSL/TLS It supports encrypted download through SSL/TLS.
  • Download through proxies It can download through proxies and have web access through inside firewall.

To Install

					apt-get install wget

dpkg -i wget


How to download a zip file via http. You can download any file with wget. For Example , Download the latest wordpress zip

Wget Save As


  • With wget command you can also resume your downloads.
  • You may be downloading any package and for some reason you had to stop your download.
  • You can again restart the download from the same place where it was stopped.

wget FileName

					wget -O


Check if the file exist

  • Just want to determine wheather the remote file exist at the destination then use spider option with wget.
					wget --spider


wGet Version

  • To know your wget version.
					wget version


wget to file

  • Download only only PDF files from specific domains.

Download full contents of website.

					wget -m,,, -A=pdf


wGet download file

					wget -nd -r -P /Downloads/ -A jpeg,gif,png


wget Examples of Image Download

  • -P Prefix directory it set the path where all the downloaded files and directories will be saved.