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What does ==$0 (double equals dollar zero) mean in Chrome Developer Tools?

Last Updated on Wednesday 5th Oct 2022


Chrome maintains a stack, $

  • where $0 is the selected element,
  • where $1 is the last selected element,
  • $2 would be the one that is selected before $1, and so on.

== $0 chrome

  • Accessing DOM elements from console: $0

  • Accessing their properties from console: $0.parentElement

  • Updating their properties from console: $1.classList.add(...)

  • Updating CSS elements from console: $0.styles.backgroundColor="aqua"

  • Triggering CSS events from console: $

  • And doing a lot more complex stuffs, like: $0.appendChild(document.createElement("div"))

So clicking on an HTML element and getting a reference variable ( $0) in the console