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ZSH : command not found Flutter

Last Updated on Sunday 27th Nov 2022
Command not found: flutter

You need to correctly set up your flutter path from here link

Download the latest stable release from here Unzip it and move to the $HOME location of your mac

If we access/run flutter from anywhere else on the computer, we have to tell the system where Flutter is kept. The easiest way to do this is to update your PATH variable. Enter echo $SHELL in the terminal and see the output. If you see /bin/zsh : You have a zsh shell and you need to edit the .zshrc file.

zsh: command not found: flutter

If you are using zsh

If you are using zsh, you need to follow the below steps

  • Open terminal.
					vim $HOME/.zshrc

  • This will redirect , where it will ask you to path. Please update your flutter path. See
  • We need to Insert path right ?? Then Tap on the I key to open insert mode. Add the following path.

  • Replace this /PATH_OF_FLUTTER_GIT_DIRECTORY with the path to your flutter directory.
					export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/FlutterDev/flutter/bin"

  • After specifying the path then tap on the esc button on your keyboard , enter the :wq! in terminal and press enter to exit vim.
  • Type source .zshrc to reload the terminal for changes or just reopen the terminal , try to run any flutter commands.

If this solution did not work, remove the double quote from path. Try changing

					export PATH="$PATH:[PATH TO FLUTTER]/flutter/bin"



					export PATH=$PATH:[PATH TO FLUTTER]/flutter/bin


-bash: flutter: command not found

If you are using bash

If you see /bin/bash : You have a bash shell and you need to edit the .bashrc or .bash_profile file.

  • Open terminal.
					vim $HOME/.bashrc



					vim $HOME/.bash_profile

  • Once the editor opens , enter the following,
					export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/FlutterDev/flutter/bin"


Verify Flutter Installation

  • Open the command prompt
  • Run the command
					flutter --version

  • If you get something like this,
					Flutter 3.0.1 • channel stable •
Framework • revision fb57da5f94 (13 days ago) • 2022-05-19 15:50:29 -0700
Engine • revision caaafc5604
Tools • Dart 2.17.1 • DevTools 2.12.2

  • :q Exit vim from saved file
  • :q! Exit vim without saving file
  • :wq! Save file and then exit vim
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